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Your Kind Remixes EP (Digital Album)


Release Date: 18/12/2015

Following the release of Many Colours, Colder kept digging on his post-punk approach to the contemporary electronic scene, using the raw material of this his long-awaited third album to come up with a remix EP for the single “Your Kind”.

Including four guest artists from different horizons and a remix made by Colder himself, this remix EP blends various influences into a very coherent result: from Matias Aguayo’s six-minute dusky minimal cover, to the freezing energy of Daniel Holc’s (aka The Left Hand Path) mix, Kasper Bjørke’s new wave addictive beats, Colder’s own dark night-out version, to Barney Khan’s industrial, ambient-techno sound.

Your Kind (Matias Aguayo Version) 6:24 Bundle only
Your Kind (The Left Hand Path Deconstruction Remix) 8:05 Bundle only
Your Kind (Kasper Bjorke Remix) 7:18 Bundle only
Your Kind (Colder Club Dub Mix) 5:27 Bundle only
Your Kind (Barney Khan Remix) 6:45 Bundle only