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Many Colours (Digital Album)


Release Date: 11/12/2015

Colder’s long-awaited third album, released in November 2015 after a decade of absence, reasserted him as a mature artist with an ever-enduring and resonating sound. Drawing on his knowledge of cinema, design and production, the album takes us on an intense, sensual, and almost apocalyptic journey. A perfect late-night companion of propulsive electronica and icy post-punk.

Many Colours 4:32 Bundle only
Another Year 4:18 Bundle only
Turn Your Back 5:06 Bundle only
Stationary Remote Anger 5:05 Bundle only
Midnight Fever 4:02 Bundle only
On A Flat And Empty Land 3:30 Bundle only
Keep For Yourself 3:16 Bundle only
Your Kind 4:38 Bundle only
Silence 4:02 Bundle only