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Some Lost Tapes Vinyl

12 Inch $13.99

Release Date: 16/04/2016

Discs: 1

Following the release of his third album Many Colours, Colder keeps on digging his post-punk approach to contemporary electronic scene, using the raw material of his album to come up with two remix EPs and a vinyl limited edition. Featuring both major and upcoming figures of the electronic scene such as Matias Aguayo, Christian S, Marc Piñol or Kasper Bjørke, these remixes showcase an open vision of electronic music as an entity living beyond borders of genres and countries.

Colder’s music is seductive yet unobtainable, intimate yet peculiarly disorienting. It resonates like Joy Division or LCD Soundsystem yet occupies its own space, taking the listener out of their comfort zone and into a world of unsettling feelings and sensations, each more tantalising than its predecessor…

Colder‘s future releases use lost material from his years in Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings to come up with Some Lost Tapes, an exclusive EP set to be released for the Record Store Day. Later on this year, Colder is releasing two full LPs."

A1. The Rain
A2. Maracas
A3. All Along The Way
B1. The Hill
B2. Inside